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Our dentists and team use iTero® digital scanning to view 3D images of your teeth and mouth and create digital impressions. This advanced imaging technology allows Dr. Keyur Patoliya and Dr. Dhaval Shah to help ensure that your treatments meet your needs and can work to fully restore your oral health and smile. Call Dental Implant Studio of Montgomery at (484) 222-9922 to schedule a consultation and learn more about iTero digital scanning in Eagleville, Pennsylvania.

iTero digital scanning works to capture high-quality images of your teeth and supporting oral structures. The device works quickly, capturing up to 20 images per second in full color so that our dentists can easily diagnose any developing problems as well as create precise digital models of your mouth.

When you receive a scan using the iTero device, our dentists and team will simply pass a small wand over your teeth. The captured images will be processed simultaneously to provide an immediate and comprehensive image of your mouth. Photos will also be saved automatically every few seconds to prevent the need for a second scan. After the images are captured, our dentists can then use them to create oral appliances and restorations for your treatment. The digital model from your scan can even be used to simulate your treatment outcome!

For more information about iTero digital scanning and to schedule a consultation with our skilled dentists, please contact our team today.